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Social media marketing is one of the fastest growing trends amongst organizations. Whether you are a big brand or a start-up, monitoring and analyzing your social media activity is one critical aspect that you wouldn’t want to ignore. There are many free tools available that allow you to monitor and manage social media, and a lot of small businesses start off with these. But are these tools giving you the features that will help you get an edge in today’s competitive social media landscape?

So before you start we thought of sharing 5 not to be missed features you should check out while exploring a tool!

Diversity & Coverage

Your next prospect might not necessarily be on the Facebook or Twitter – it could be from any where on a photo sharing site, forum or online video community.

This was Oreo’s campaign which won the Cyber Lions (Grand Prix) at Cannes in 2013


OREO Daily Twist Award Winning Campaign from Draftfcb Corporate Creative.

The team had to literally ‘uncover’ global trends on a daily basis. And a lot of marketing in the future is just going to be around such lines. To support such initiatives, you require a tool which can bring you latest conversations (in multiple languages and countries) from diverse sources like Social Networks, Video Sharing Services, Photo/Image Sharing Services, Microblogs, Blogs, Mainstream Online News and Forums. Basically, your tool needs to be able to source conversations from any of the channels available in the conversation prism.

Filtering & Modulation 

As Clay Shirky says– “The problem is never information overload, it is filter failure.” Does your tool have exhaustive filter options? That is because, absence of these could mean wasting a lot of time.

Sophisticated marketers want to filter mentions based on sentiments, consumer intention around their product & feedback, influential people on their network, most talked about trends around their brand and more. These are other than from obvious parameters like channels, geography, gender and time. An easy to access dashboard with instant filters can make a social media monitoring process so much easier. 

Influencer Targeting











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We are all aware that influencer targeting is a very high leverage social media activity. The usual way to target influencers on Twitter is to put them on a list and then continuously start tracking them. This is a relatively simple method and is applicable only for one platform.



Consider a campaign with more complex influencer targeting objectives like the Old Spice Custom videos campaign, Here, the agency had to constantly seek out influencers on a regular basis so that their questions could be answered on YouTube. These were not always prominent people, but most of them were chosen because they could have high leverage on the campaign.

To do such activities, one needs to have network agnostic view and also be able to assign dynamic scores (should recalculate based on your filters) to influencers. So if you want to track under-35 female influencers in New York City on Facebook and blogs for your brand, your tool should be able to give that easily.

Competition Watch

It’s no longer as easy to trace down what your competitor is doing and suitably respond to it.

Again, ability to search by using your competitor brand’s keywords is not what this activity should be limited to – the tool must be able to quickly compare your brand’s social media presence with that of a competitor and also help you with rich dashboards to continuously benchmark your social influence against a competitor.

Smart Campaign Management

If you are an agile marketer, at least 15-20% of your marketing has to be response and real time driven – for example the Oreo campaign around the much publicized Blackout in the US.



















For real time initiatives like these, marketers should be able to watch what’s trending on a real time basis and zero down on a useful trend .When the campaign is live, the tool should assist in measuring the overall impact of the campaign with the use of a rich dashboard. It should be able to push quick and customized alerts in your inbox to help you monitor your campaign on the go. On a more routine side, the tool also needs to help you with sharing posts across social profiles and also stack scheduling them. This would mean saving a lot of time while you try to spread your campaign on other platforms in a personalized way.

Finding a tool that offers multiple features, is one aspect and ability to fit your requirements, is another. So before you zero down on your social media monitoring tool, would you like to try your hands on Webfluenz? For a quick dive into the features and a free sign-up with 14-day trial of one keyword, do visit our website or reach out to our customer support for a free demo.

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