“What are you doing?” on Facebook

facebook- Express your feelings

Facebook launches “What are you doing” under status updates; a new feature that allows you to express how you are feeling and what you are doing while posting a status, without expressing it in the text of your status update.

Users can express what they’re watching, reading, listening to, eating, drinking or how they’re feeling in status updates.  These new updates are rolling out in the U.S. in the coming weeks.

Facebook has also introduced restrictions to information and data sharing; specifically targeting the Event invites Page owners who send out invites to too many people who are not interested.

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Tweet Tweet: It’s Music to my Ears!!

Twitter Music

Twitter looks set to get into the music streaming game as soon as this weekend. Last week, a new site went live at, featuring the service’s icon, the #music hashtag, and a sign-in button.

Sometime last year Twitter acquired We Are Hunted, a music discovery service that tracks popular songs on social media.

As CNET explained it, Twitter Music would let you stream music, create playlists, and share your favourite songs via Twitter.

A Suggested tab displays songs and artists based on who you’re following on Twitter.

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Are Product Videos Ruling Images Out?

Product Video

Studies have shown that product videos are more engaging and have higher conversion rates than static images.  Statistics show that on average, shoppers who watch product videos are 23% more likely to convert.

About 57% of consumers say product videos make them more confident in a purchase, whereas over 41% of consumers say they are more likely to share a product video than any other product content.

Although some may argue that implementing a product video is expensive; but not when it is created in-house.  The easiest and most reliable videos are created out of customer reviews and companies must look to encourage user-generated content and customer-created videos.

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