The ladies surely dominated the 54th Annual Grammy Awards with Adele’s sweeping six-Grammy-win, a moving tribute by American idol Jennifer Hudson to Whitney Houston and a controversy clad performance by Nicki Minaj.

The event which turned out to be the second most watched event since 1984, attracted momentous amount of chatter online as well. The chatter was driven mainly by British singer Adele, who won awards in some of the top categories and became the second female artist to walk away with six Grammys in the same night. As she performed the song that fetched her “Record of the year” award, Twitter saw a blizzard of tweets from an audience that congratulated her for delivering a fantastic performance right after a throat surgery.

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Topical trends for Grammys

Topical trends for Grammys

#grammys was a trending topic on Twitter as reflected by the topical trends.  The topical trends also point to the most popular topic on social media sites, which was Adele and her historic win at the Grammys. Other popular topics included Jennifer Hudson’s homage to the legendary Whitney Houston who was pronounced dead on the eve of the 54th annual Grammy Awards. Infact, her moving cover of Houston’s ‘I will always love you’ was considered pitch-perfect!


Teenage pop sensation Greyson Chance emerged as an influencer as he added to the growing buzz around Grammys with a large number of retweets to his credit.

Share of voice of artists who won/performed at the Grammys

Share-of-voice of artists

Share-of-voice of artists

It surely was Adele’s night as she dominated the chatter on social media sites, where it was unanimously agreed that the awards bestowed to her were well- deserved. Her performance which was low on theatrics still managed to move the audience.


Chris Brown’s performance became the second most social moment at the grammys with the second highest share of voice, after Adele. However, a large majority of this buzz was mostly negative by sentiment. Chris Brown might have beaten up his then girlfriend and pop sensation Rihanna three years back, but the social media community has not forgiven him for his past sins. Infact, most of the negative buzz around Chris Brown was pertaining to his winning a Grammy, considered as the epitome of recognition in the music industry, despite being a female beater.


Jennifer Hudson’s moving tribute to Whitney Houston garnered the third highest share of conversation, tied with Nicki Minaj. It is interesting to see how  artists such as Bon Iver, Foo Fighters and Taylor Swift  despite winning awards in some of the top categories, did not garner as much buzz as Nicki Minaj, who infact walked away from the event Grammy-less.

Online chatter around Grammy award winners/performers

Topical trends for Adele

Topical trends for Adele

The chatter on social media sites for Adele was overwhelmingly positive which is evident from trends such as love, best, favorite, amazing and good. Compared to all of Adele’s songs, “Rolling in the deep” was most talked about.

While Adele was showered with love and appreciation, Nicki Minaj on the other hand witnessed a lot of hate, especially on Twitter. Even though Nicki Minaj walked away Grammy-less, she sent social media sites in a frenzy with her controversial exorcism themed performance at the awards. Nicki who is no stranger to controversy herself, often donning outrageous outfits, was expected to deliver a larger than life performance at the show.  Her performance which included a skit of “Exorcism of Roman”, followed by her levitating off the stage, attracted an overwhelming amount of negative chatter. Comparisons were drawn between Adele and Minaj, where the former was lauded for her graceful performance while the latter was condemned for the lack of it.      










Rihanna who performed alongside Coldplay flaunting a blonde look, also generated some amount of buzz online. Her collaboration with Kanye West, Kid Cudi & Fergie called ‘All of the lights’ was honoured with a Grammy for the ‘Best Rap/Sung Collaboration’. However, it is interesting to note that her Armani outfit garnered higher chatter than her performance or her Grammy wins. Comparisons were also drawn between Rihanna and long time pal Katy Perry’s outfits and stage performances.



The band Bon Iver which was honoured with the ‘Best New Artist’ award saw a mixed bag of reactions from social media sites. Twitter lit up with disgruntled Skrillex and Nicki Minaj fans who had no idea who Bon Iver was. A large majority seemed intrigued by the category of their nomination, since the band has been around for a while and is not technically new.

Grammys a true measure of talent?

The Grammy Awards ratings rose sky high primarily due to the popularity of Adele and the unfortunate demise of pop legend Whitney Houston. The award ceremony was traditionally instituted to honour and inspire some of the finest musicians, and this year’s event did just that. Adele’s sweeping win and mounting popularity at the Grammys is a shining example of how sheer talent and a clean performance overtakes any amount of attention seeking gimmicks or stage antics. This is clearly evident from online conversations around the event as well. Overall, this year’s Grammys, although it was a concoction of surprises, glamour and jaw-dropping performances, its defining moment was when an artist stole the show with her soulful voice and a mesmerizing performance.

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