muWebfluenz Ranked Among Top 15 Social Media Monitoring Tools in Goldbach Report

muWebfluenz is in new again!  Swiss-based agency Goldbach Interactive  has recognized muWebfluenz as the Top Social Media Monitoring Tool in 2014. Having shortlisted more than 200 tool providers , the agency has come up with its annual tools report derived from a stringent assessment process.


Webfluenz is now a part of Mu Sigma



We are happy to announce that webfluenz has been acquired by Mu Sigma, one of the world’s largest decision sciences and analytics firm.

Mu Sigma empowers clients to take critical business decisions based on data-driven analytics and allows them to harness Big-Data to solve complex issues, institutionalizing...

How to Transform Social Media Conversations into Revenue (Infographics)




A farmer ploughs his farm and sows the seeds, waiting for the day when he can reap the crop. Have you ever seen a farmer put in so much effort without any expectations? Similarly, there is no point of investing in any social media monitoring tool if it cannot help you drive revenue. Therefore, while choosing a social media...

How to use Social Data Analytics to Boost Social Media Marketing Productivity

social media analytics to boost your marketing productivity.png


Do you feel social media monitoring & analytics is taking away your time?

You have lots of data to analyze but do not know how to implement it through your social media marketing strategy?

If yes, then you...

How to do Social Media Competitor Analysis

Are you wondering why your competitors are gaining more eyeballs on social media than you?

Is social selling your agenda but your strategy hasn’t shown desired results?

Well, you are not alone. That’s when you need to start looking at social media competitor analysis seriously because a deep understanding of your strengths and weaknesses versus your competitors’ helps you maximize your potential and fill the gaps.

Social media is an evolution. Every day there are millions of mentions and conversation across multiple platforms. So how are you going to monitor your presence vs your competition. This is where a social media monitoring tool could come to your rescue.


7 Reasons Why You Can’t Ignore Social Media Monitoring

Key reasons for using a social media monitoring tool

Are you still assessing your online reputation with vanilla metrics like followers, likes, RTs and +1d’s? Well, if you haven’t yet considered monitoring your social media strategy using a tool you might be missing out the key metrics around your efforts and time invested.  Here are some potential reasons...

Optimize your Social Media Monitoring with Demographic Analysis

demographicSocial media is global and it’s presence is enormous. As of January 2014, Twitter has about 241 million average active monthly users, Facebook has 1.23 billion users and LinkedIn has every possible large and small enterprise on it. With such a blur of tweets, mentions and posts, how do you  cut the clutter to understand your target markets. What you need is an advanced...

Monitoring Twitter & Facebook for Hashtags, Keywords & Twitter Handles

The Webfluenz  social media monitoring and management system allows you to schedule & publish social updates, get analytics around your profiles and view live feeds.

We have now enhanced our tool to enable you to track how competition is engaging on social platforms- Facebook & Twitter, monitor hashtags & keywords that matter to your brand or industry, and keep a track of customer feedback/complains.

Besides, when you want to reach out to a potential...

Social Media Campaign Analysis of BJP vs AAP vs Congress- Infographics

The run up to the 2014 elections in India has witnessed social media as the new norm for political campaigning.  Far from the traditional means of reaching out to the masses, the three political parties Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Indian National Congress and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) have made efforts to reach potential voters with multiple social media campaigns.

BJP and AAP have been the most active parties on social media and have used all possible platforms including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Forrums, News and more, to target their audiences. In fact, our analysis with the help of Webfluenz social media monitoring tool, shows that though AAP...